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Tree Supplying and planting

Cardiff Groundcare is committed to improving the environment by supplying and planting quality healthy trees native grown trees.
We are able to supply only, or at the customer’s request provide a supply and plant service.
For many years we have provided a supply, plant and maintenance service to major UK developers who have a responsibility to replace lost trees due to city expansion and development. We provide street trees that are suitable for inner city areas enhancing our surroundings.
We provide containerised trees all year round and root balled or bare root trees between the months of November to early April.
Our trees are native to the British isle however if imported from Europe they are issued with a passport number for quality control.

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or you can download a current stock list here:

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Table Showing approximate Height/Girth Size

Girth (cm)


Height (m)





Select Standard



Heavy Standard



Extra Heavy Standard



Advanced Nursery Stock



Advanced Nursery Stock












Super Semi-Mature

7.0 +


Super Semi-Mature



Super Semi-Mature



Super Semi-Mature



•        Availability
Please email us at for an updated availability list.

•        Root specification 
Throughout the tree section we recommend how trees should be specified and this is reflected in the availability guide that is – Bare-root (BR), Root-balled (RB) or Container Grown (CG).

Bare-root trees
Available from November to early April

Bare-root trees are lifted from the ground, either by hand or by mechanical means.  Trees are cut under the root system and lifted therefore protecting as much of the root system as possible.  Soil clinging to the root system will be shaken off, hence the term ‘bare-root’ and the tree should immediately be bagged.  All bare-root trees are placed in thick polythene bags at the time of lifting in the field.  This is important to protect the delicate fibrous roots from drying out causing the tree to either die or struggle to survive once planted because its root system has been severely damaged.

The benefits of Bare root trees are:-
•          Value for money
•          Light to handle
•          Quick to establish with correct after-care

Root-balled trees
Available from November to April

A root balled tree is when it is lifted from the ground with the soil intact around the root system.  On removal from the ground the root-ball is wrapped in biodegradable hessian and non-galvanised wire.  The root-ball should be planted intact with the hessian and wire left on.  Once planted the non-galvanised wire soon breaks down and the hessian will rot, allowing the root system to develop.  The whole benefit of ‘root-balling’ is that the root system remaining after lifting (you will lose about 35% of the root on a regularly transplanted tree) will not be disturbed during handling, transportation and planting.

The benefits are:-
•          Root system once lifted will not be disturbed
•          Packaging bio-degrades
•          Root-balled trees are protected from the rigours of commercial planting

Container grown trees
Available all-year-round

Container grown trees have a ‘complete’ root system and should therefore establish very well once planted.  Trees are lifted either bare-rooted or root-balled and placed in a container (between November and March) and then grown on for at least one growing season, i.e. a tree ‘potted up’ in January would be fully rooted and ready for planting by September.
The benefits are:-
•          No root loss during lifting
•          Planting can take place 12 months of the year
•          Handling on site easier

Shrubs and hedging

With our large range of shrubs we are able to meet every need. Whether you are looking for ornamental shrubs, evergreen shrubs, hedging plants, or wildlife friendly shrubs, we are sure to have what you're looking for.
As plant suppliers we offer a wide range of shrubs and garden plantsin a variety of sizes to suit any commercial and domestic planting scheme. As plant suppliers our reputation relies on the quality of our and shrubs plants and our ability to deliver them on time and in the best condition to meet your planting schedule.
Some of our shrubs and plants are available seasonally, while others are available year-round. We also supply garden plants and shrubs for instant impact.
As shrub and plant suppliers, we aim to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. Please see our stock lists here:

In .xls format: stock list Stocklist

In .pdf format: stock list StockList

If you can't find the plants and shrubs you’re looking for here, contact us.
If we are unable to supply them ourselves, we can source you requirements from our network of national or international shrub and plant suppliers, to meet your specific requirements. Contact us with details of the shrubsand plants you’d like and, once we’ve spoken to our plant suppliers, we’ll let you know how we can help.
And if you’re looking for instant impact, why not contact us for what is looking good.
If you can't find what you are looking for here, or need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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